Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There! and Scoop!

Kayden actually spends a considerable amount of time at my mum's kitchen window pointing and saying "There!!!!" whenever he spots an aeroplane (and sometimes 4 or 5!). She has the best unobstructed view of these aircrafts taking off into the sky and making its descent in the direction of the airport. It is actually very soothing to be standing at the window looking out, waiting and spotting them in the skies with Kayden.

Anyway. My aunt decided to bring us all to the beach last weekend, so Kayden could take a closer look at the aeroplanes flying right over us there. If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you may remember the time where I first brought Kayden to the beach. He is terrified of the sand.

Fingers and toes all curled up!

Well. Status quo. The photos say it all. Including me snickering at him, being so paranoid his feet were about to touch the sand. He was clinging onto me for dear life once again. He lifted his foot, and pointed his toes up as much as he could.

Yes, I was laughing at his expense, but you haven't heard about the time where he thought having juice poured into my top was the best joke in the world. He was the only one into the joke that time.

They say time is the best medicine. They need to add, that putting on some footwear will help too. Because an hour later, he was alot more willing to give it a go again. "ScooOoop!", he says.

Unfortunately, photos end right about there. Because when he said that, he meant scooping it into his mouth.


  1. yes i heard from a friend that most kids are scared of the feeling of the sand on their feet...so it is true!

  2. Those are really cool-looking sunnies you got for him! I couldn't find any plain ones like that so the Bubs has a funny blue pair!

  3. Rita: he's actually afraid of many more things, I'm alittle embarassed for him LOL. I might reveal it alittle later on =)

    Corsage: WOuld you believe I got this at that dollar store at Vivo?! Bargain I tell ya!


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